Abhinayakkalari is a performers’ studio and advanced training and research centre on abhinaya in Kutiyattam and other allied forms functioning under the guidance of G.Venu. Several new productions in Kutiyattam and Nangiar Koothu have taken shape here including Abhijnana Shakunthalam, Vikramorvasheeyam, Urubhangam and Saundaryalahari. Deep research and practice goes into various aspects of abhinaya like Navarasa Sadhana and the Netra and Hasta abhinaya. New and old texts are explored to find performance possibilities and it also functions as a space of interaction with various visiting artistes, scholars, performers, masters from all over the world.

List of major works

(new apart from traditional/practising repertoire)

• Abhijnana Shakunthalam – Kutiyattam
• Vikramorvasheeyam – Kutiyattam
• Urubhangam – Kutiyattam
• Soundaryalahari – Nangiar Koothu
• Narasimhavataaram – Nangiar Koothu
• Koormavataaram – Nangiar Koothu
• Sita Parityagam – Nangiar Koothu


• World Theatre Project in collaboration with Folk Teatern Gavleborg, Sweden
• Hasta and Netra Workshop for three years supported by Sanskriti Pravah and The Japan Foundation
• Interactions with Noh Theatre Master Shimizu Kanji
• Interaction with Kamingata Mai exponent Keiin Yoshimura
• Performance tours of Min Tanaka in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan
• Workshops and performances for children with special needs in collaboration with Teater Sagohuset, Sweden