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mohiniyattam1. Mohiniyattam – A bilingual publication in English and Malayalam with Attaprakaram (Acting Manual) and notations of 207 mudras and postures. Published in 1983. Co-authored by G. Venu and Nirmala Paniker.

“This book I am confident will restore the importance due to Mohiniyattam. I would like to pay my warm tribute to G Venu and Nirmala Paniker for their most elaborate and painstaking compilation. It is indeed a monumental achievement” – Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay –

Out of print

mudrasinkathakali2. Mudras in Kathakali – A study on the hasta-s of Kathakali with notations of 373 hand gestures. Authored by G.Venu and published in 1984

‘Sri. Venu appears to have succeeded at last in evolving a system of notation which can respond to characteristic features of Indian dancing. The system is innovative, logical and viable. It takes into account practically all the physical possibilities of the palm and the finger movements and combines an approach of using symbols along with simple pictographs. Directions, facings and path of movement is all taken care of. It is then related to body posture and stance, place and covering of space. It is easy to follow and once the rudimentary principles are learnt the notation the system present little difficulty. The system although initially evolved with Kathakali in mind can be applied to other Indian dance systems with minor modifications and use of few other signs.” – Kapila Vatsyayan –

Out of print

productionofaplay3. Production of a Play in Kutiyattam – An introduction of Kutiyattam and a study on the Text and Traditions of the First Act(Balivadham) of Abhisheka Nataka of Bhasa with Kramadeepika (Stage Manual) and Attaprakaram (Acting Manual). Published in 1989.

“This book, I am sure, will give you a general idea about Kutiyattam. Though temple performances are dwindling lamentably, this dramatic form had won acclaim abroad in the recent years. Many artistes have been coming to this home land of Kutiyattam thirsting to gain acquaintance with and do research on this most ancient variety of classical theatre. In these circumstances, such books are of immense value. I hope students of this art form like Sri. Venu will contribute more of such books and pave the way for the revival of Kutiyattam” – Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar –

Out of print

24. Puppetry and Lesser Known Dance Traditions of Kerala – A Study on Lesser Known Traditions such as Pavakathakali, Tolpavakoothu, Noolpavakoothu, Mudiyettu, Padayani, Thirayattam, Kummattikali, Thiruvathirakkali and Kakarissi Natakam with a Calender of performances and an afterword by Dr. Mulk Raj Anand. First Published in 1990. Second edition 2004. Authored by G. Venu

“This book is really so interestingly written, giving details into the structure, the music, the theory, the practice and the ritualistic aspects” – Meher R Contracter

Price: India Rs 250/- other countries UD$ 20

5. Mohiniyattam – The Lasya Dance – Dance Notation Series 1– A Study on Mohiniyattam and other Female Performance Traditions of Kerala with Acting Manual and Notation of Hand Gestures. Co-authored by G. Venu and Nirmala Paniker (revised and enlarged edition published in 1995. Forewords by Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay and Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan.

“Thank you for the book on Mohiniyattam. It is most interesting and a fascinating study of this unique dance form. My congratulations on the serious work undertaken by you and the efforts you have made to make it a practical work. All those interested in culture will, I am sure, wish to have a copy of the book, to further their understanding of this dance style” – Mrinalini V. Sarabhai

Price Rs.300/- Other Countries – US$ 25

36. Nangiar Koothu – The Classical Dance Theatre of the Nangiars – A Comprehensive Study on Nangiar Koothu, the Solo Performance Tradition of the Nangiar-s, female performers of Kutiyattam with a translation of the Sreekrishnacharitam Attaprakaram (Acting Manual). Foreword by Dr. Kapila Vatsyayn and prefaces by Prof. Dr. Hab. M. Krzysztof Byrski, Ruth Keshishian and Dr.Diane Daugherty.

“It is a matter of great joy and satisfaction that contemporary Kerala intellectuals braced themselves to the task of documenting and thus preserving for posterity this finest art of theatre. Ms. Nirmala Paniker belongs to such persons who decided to collect tirelessly all that can have bearing upon our knowledge of the performing tradition of Kerala” – Prof. Dr. Hab.M. Krzysztof Byrski

Price Rs 250/ Other countries – US$ 20

47. The Language of Kathakali – Dance Notation Series 2 – An intensive study on the hand gestures of Kathakali with notations of 874 hand gestures with forewords by Shanta Serbjeet Singh, Peter Oskarson, Eberhard Fischer and Bent Holm. 874 mudras of Kathakali illustrated through the first ever dance notation devised for Indian dance forms. This notation system was recognised as one of the 55 original methods in the ‘Four Hundred Years of Dance Notation’ exhibition conducted in New York in 1986. Authored by G. Venu and published in October, 2000

“ I am convinced that this book will be immensely useful not only to Kathakali artistes but to all lovers of Kathakali” – Guru Chengannur Raman Pillai

Price Rs. 800/- overseas – US$ 30

book8. Kathakali, Kutiyattam and Other Performing Arts – Fifty Years of Theatrical Exploration – Performance Studies by G. Venu. The author has brought together his fifty years of experiences and explorations on Kerala’s folk and classical performing arts. First published in 2005.

“Venu’s long devotion to art began with Kathakali and moved through Pavakathakali, Tolpavakoothu, Mudiyettu, Kakkarissi Natakam and many other art forms to find ultimate realisation in Kutiyattam. This book that describes Venuji’s exploration in different art form and related experiences will be remembered for ever as an important historical document detailing the efforts to conserve Kerala’s performing Arts” – Ammannur Madhava Chakyar.

Price in India Rs.250/- other countries US$ 20

19. Into The World Of Kutiyattam With The Legendary Ammannur Madhava Chakyar – Memoirs – Documentation of Kutiyattam Series 3. Authored by G. Venu. Foreword by Premalata Puri. Published in 2002

“ In simple narrative, spoken as it were, Venu describes with his keen sensitivity how Kutiyattam, the chiseled diamond, beautifully set by the great master artiste of yore lay concealed in the dust of neglect and want of appreciation. The society and community which had nourished the art centuries ago, were now oblivious of the treasure that lay in their backyard, as it were. Only few great masters and their disciples struggled to maintain the beauty of this art in its pristine glory “ – Premlata Puri.

Price Rs 350 Other countries US$ 26

5 (1)10. Mohiniyattam – Attaprakaravum Mudrakalum – Malayalam – A study on Mohiniyattam and other female performance traditions of Kerala with acting manual and notation of hand gestures. Co-authored by G. Venu and Nirmala Paniker. Forewords by Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay and Dr. Kapila Vatsyayn. Second revised and enlarged edition – 2004

“Thank you for the book on Mohiniyattam. It is most interesting and a fascinating study of this unique dance form. My congratulations on the serious work undertaken by you and the efforts you have made to make it a practical work. All those interested in culture will, I am sure, wish to have a copy of the book, to further their understanding of this dance style” – Mrinalini V. Sarabhai.

Price Rs 200/- other countries US$ 20

711. Hand Gestures of Hastalakshanadeepika in Mohiniyattam – bi-lingual edition in English and Malayalam. Authored by Nirmala Paniker. First edition published in 2007 – A study on the Hastalakshanadeepika and its usages in Mohiniyattam with notations and illustrations.

“..Nirmala has taken that work forward and created her own language of mudras whereby the basic units oh the diagrams in each pictograph can be combined in a set of four or five pictures and diagrams to show how the movement begins, develops and finally comes to a climax. In co-relating the pictographs to especially modeled pictures of each pose and stance by dancers from her institute in Irinjalakuda in Kerala she has taken care also to incorporate the training that she has received over twenty years from master like Kalyanikutty Amma, Kalamandalam Satyabhama and Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar” – Shanta Serbjeet Singh

Price 750/- other countries US$30

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